Quartz vs. Ceramic

I’ve received hundreds of questions regarding quartz vs. ceramic vaping coils, mainly “Which is better?”

While there are big differences between quartz and ceramic coils, it boils down to a matter of taste.

To simplify things, I’ve made a list of the best quartz and ceramic vaporizers of the year, followed by a quartz vs ceramic vaping coil breakdown.

Best Vapes with Ceramic Vaping Coils and Chambers

R2 Rig Ceramic Coil Vaporizer

R2 RiG Edition Vaporizer – $129.99

R2 RiG Edition from #ThisThingRips is a big boy ceramic coil vape pen with an extra powerful atomizer (and a secret built-in wax jar to boot). This dual ceramic coil vaporizer features extra thick titanium wrapped around its heating rods. The hits are super dense, robust, and intensely flavorful. The R2 Rig is a great example of the ability of a ceramic vape coil to create big clouds without sacrificing flavor, aroma and effects. Like most #ThisThingRips vapes, R2 RiG features a “visual reaction chamber” so you can watch the vapor clouds form from the hot ceramic coils.

Kandy Pens Mini Ceramic Coil Vape

KandyPens MINI – $89.95

The ceramic donut atomizer of the KandyPens MINI vaporizes every bit of wax you put in it. There’s no coil for wax to get stuck under, so it’s also easier to clean. This ceramic vape pen heats faster than quartz, and stays hot longer, so while there’s not quite as much flavor, you get big, dense clouds of milky vapor. This ceramic coil vape pen is extra compact length-wise with a stout girth. Pass-through charging enables you to vape while you charge.

davinci iq

DaVinci IQ – $274.99

While the DaVinci IQ doesn’t feature a ceramic vaping coil, it does have a 100% ceramic heating chamber and ceramic zirconia air path that is chemically inactive to heat. This ceramic vaporizer produces clean-tasting vapor that’s true to the actual flavors of dry herb strains. DaVinci IQ lives up to its name with Smart Path settings that start at a certain temp then gradually heat up 20 degrees Fahrenheit, unlocking different flavors, aromas and effects with each increase in temperature.

AirVape Xs Ceramic Vaporizer

AirVape Xs – $179.00

With a hybrid convection/conduction oven that vaporizes dry herb thoroughly and cleanly, the AirVape Xs vaporizer gives you excellent vapor production on-the-go. Super thin and lightweight, this is a very pocket friendly ceramic vaporizer. But the small size doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Enjoy precision temp control, a rarity for compact vapes, and vibration notifications just like your iPhone.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

G Pen Elite – $149.95

Another portable vape with a ceramic chamber, the G Pen Elite vaporizer has a big chamber capacity but a compact build. You can toggle temperature down to the degree between 200F and 428F. The ceramic chamber creates very dense, flavorful vapor in just 30 seconds. If you’re vaping wax, go with a vape pen with a ceramic vaping coil. If you vape dry herb, choose a portable unit like the G Pen Elite.

Best Quartz Coil Vaporizers

OG Four 2.o Quartz Coil Vape Pen

OG Four 2.0 RiG Edition Vaporizer – $129.99

OG Four 2.0 RiG Edition is a double quartz coil vape pen with extra thick titanium coils. When you vape quartz coil, you vape for flavor, and the OG Four 2.0 RiG delivers some of the most flavorful vapor. Quartz coils heat slower and lower, extracting the essential flavor notes from wax with minimal combustion. You don’t get the tinge of smokiness sometimes experienced with ceramic coil vape pens, but thanks to the OG Four’s thicker coils, you get clouds just as big.

G Slim Pizzanista

G Slim Pizzanista – $59.95

G Slim Pizzanista is marketed as a skateboarder’s vape, but really it’s a vape for those who want to vape dry herb, wax, and liquids from the same vaporizer–a rarity in the vape world. The wax atomizer features a high grade quartz coil that delivers incredibly flavor-rich vapor considering how small the unit is. This quartz coil vape pen is perfect for on-the-go vaping.

KandyPens Gravity Vape Pen

KandyPens Gravity – $129.99

The Gravity vape has been around for a bit, but it remains one of the best quartz coil vape pens by virtue of its excellent vapor production and sleek design. The heating coil is located inside a quartz crystal chamber, so there’s 100% true vaporization going on in which wax is being vaporized with no combustion (smoke). On top of that, KandyPens Gravity features a clog-free, leak-proof heating chamber. And it also comes with a coilless ceramic atomizer for those who want the best of both sides of the quartz vs ceramic coil debate.

Pulsar APX W Vaporizer

Pulsar APX W Vaporizer – $59.99

If you like big dab-like hits, this baby REALLY rips. Like the Gravity, the Pulsar APX wax vaporizer has a 100% pure quartz chamber–a rare feature. But on top of that, there’s a triple quartz coil atomizer. Most vapes feature single or double. So to see a triple quartz coil in a vape that’s only $60 bucks is pretty insane. Pulsar APX W also features 5 preset temps and has a really pocket-friendly compact design.

AirVape OM Vaporizer

AirVape OM – $89.99

This vape is so compact it fits on a keychain. And still it features a dual quartz coil atomizer. The atomizer is connected via magnet for easy attachment. No unscrewing when loading or cleaning. The quartz vaping coils preserve the flavors of waxy oils and keep the hits smooth with no harshness. If you’re into liquid concentrates too, AirVape OM is also compatible with 510-threaded oil cartridges.

Quartz vs Ceramic Explained

Quartz vs. CeramicJust as learning to control fire was a turning point in the evolution of human culture, harnessing heat plays a vital role in vaping. That’s because the way your vape pen heats concentrates can determine the consistency, moisture level, and flavor of each hit. Reaching high temperatures when dabbing and vaping can even destroy the cannabinoids that work their magic on your neurological pathways.

So what does this mean in the ceramic vs. quartz debate? The usual assumption is that ceramic gets hotter and takes longer to cool off than quartz, meaning ceramic rod atomizers are more likely to give dryer, sometimes harsher hits. On the other hand, quartz atomizers are said to burn slow and low for smoother rips. Is it set in stone that quartz vapes smoother than ceramic? Not necessarily. While there may be some truth to that, your vaping experience really comes down to the vaporizer you choose.

Take for example multiple coil units. Wax pen users may choose from single, double, and, yes, even triple coil atomizers. The more coils your vape pen has, the more surface your heating source will cover and the milkier each dab-like hit will be. So even if certain quartz atomizers give you rips that almost melt in your mouth, you can achieve the same delicious thickness with a dual ceramic coil atomizer.

If you’re gung-ho on ceramic, but still want the smoothness of quartz, you can simply invest in a unit with a temperature-controlled vape pen, that way you can turn down the heat if your hits are a little harsh.

If it’s quartz crystal all the way for you, note that since wax pens with quartz rods can take longer to heat up, letting the wax melt into the coil before drawing on it will produce a milkier hit. That way you can enjoy the same lung-expanding, throaty rips you’d get dabbing a nail.

A Matter of Taste

So what’s the best wax pen for truly enjoying the range of flavors your wax has to offer?

Quartz vs. CeramicAs Chef Marco Pierre White said of cooking the perfect meal, “Allow food to present itself. And accept mother nature as the true artist.” The same goes for vaping. And when it comes to allowing the true flavor of your concentrate to present itself, many believe quartz rod vape pens trump ceramic. Of course, there’s an exception to every rule, especially when every wax pen offers its own unique vaping experience.

Since ceramic rods heat hotter and faster, they can sometimes give off a slight metallic or burnt flavor. On the other hand, quartz wax atomizers generally produce a cleaner, smoother taste. That said, certain ceramic disc wax atomizers incorporate coilless technology to keep wax from ever touching the heating source and losing its flavor.

In the bowl of coilless atomizers sits a ceramic disc which surrounds your wax, rather than a rod which the wax rests on. This keeps concentrates from overheating to deliver flavorful, dab-like hits. Some vape pens can even be converted to coilless. The KandyPens Gravity vaporizer, for instance, comes with a coilless ceramic atomizer right in the box. So while the best vape pens for bringing out flavor may be quartz wax atomizers, an argument can be made for coilless atomizers and temperature-controlled ceramic units, as well.

Cleaning Quartz and Ceramic Coils

The aftermath of vaping wax can be sticky and tedious to clean up. When it comes to picking out the best vape pen for keeping it clean, wax pens with ceramic heating elements have an edge on their quartz counterparts. Again this comes down to heat.

Since ceramic burns hotter, it absorbs much of the concentrates you vape in the heating process. The slow burning nature of quartz on the other hand leaves a bit more to clean up.

Of course, a little messiness in your vaporizer’s heating chamber can be a positive, depending on the quality of the essential oils you’re vaping. With higher quality concentrates, you’ll be able to scrape up the aftermath and reuse that precious wax. With lower quality stuff, you just have more of a mess to clean up.

Quartz or Ceramic Vaping Coil?

Vaping, like life, isn’t black and white. There are plenty of recommendable vape pens out there, regardless of whether they’re ceramic or quartz. But if you’re investing in higher quality wax, or you’re a stickler for fine flavored draws, you may want to go with either a quartz rod or ceramic coilless atomizer, lest you sacrifice some of that tastiness you paid for.

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