About Me

Hello!  My name is Brad and welcome to the Marijuana Medical Commissary.

I created this website to help those; like myself at one time to research, view and obtain supplies of  Medical Marijuana and everything associated with using marijuana. It can be quite a daunting task when first beginning this journey, but gets more understandable with time and that’s what the aim of this website is for.

Why Medical Marijuana?

You making be seeking medical marijuana for a number of reasons. Chronic pain, chronic illness, cancer. PTSD, anxiety are just a few to mention. If you’ve made it here, then you have been to the doctor, obtained your medical marijuana prescription and now you’re ready to go!!

That can be further from the truth than you realize. With the advancements of science concerning medical marijuana, the industry is quickly evolving to be more than just a weed to smoke, but rather a medically researched and developed product that is pertinent to your condition,It has come a long way from the days of buying some “pot” or “smoke” from an discrete dealer guy!!

My aim is to educate, inform and direct you to the best product that is produced for your condition, and to offer a variety of related products.

My own personal journey of Medical Marijuana…..

I myself have been on this journey so I know how daunting this can be.

After having dealt with chronic pain personally over the last years, I have been thru the wringer in regards to prescriptions, medications, ointments, physio, chiropractors, massage-the list goes on. The worst part was probably all the different types of pain killers that were prescribed. My cabinet looked like a drug store on it’s own. Some worked, some didn’t, some worked for a time, some were duplicates that never needed to be filled, etc.

I knew of medical marijuana, but figured that it couldn’t be much different from the pot I was able to obtain from that “guy” down the street. No control over growing conditions,chemical used let alone knowing if the pot I purchased was even going to help me at all!!

That’s when I started to research medical marijuana, and just what was this all about. I was amazed at the varieties available, but again found limited information on what was best for my condition, the best way to take the medicine, and how exactly to obtain it.

We all benefit!!

I hope to be able to help with those questions and to give YOU, my friend, the best and most convenient way to obtain and use your medical marijuana to get the most benefit from it.

Thank you for reading this, and please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to, or to leave comments that perhaps will benefit others.

We are in this together, and together we will learn and grow in our knowledge of Medical Marijuana!!

Best regards


Medical Marijuana Commissary-owner



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