Best Grow Tents of 2018

The right grow tent can aid in creating an ideal indoor growing environment that’s easier to control. And the more controlled your environment is, the more mastery you’ll have over the bud. The best grow tents not only cloak your garden, but they also conceal the smell of it. They should be made with high-quality, durable material that’s capable of preventing pests and any outside contaminants from entering the earthly sacred space.

Additionally, the light inside the tent should be reflected to increase its intensity without using extra electricity.

So, for those of you looking to get your home-grow on in 2019, here’s our list of the best grow tents of 2018.


10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

LAGarden has a 48″ x 24″ x 60″ non-toxic grow tent for indoor hydroponics. The size is large enough to walk into and out of your own private indoor grow room. You can find tents in various sizes from LAGarden if this one is too large.

Price:  $89.95

Pros: No outside light can make it through the exterior heavy duty 210D lightproof oxford cloth. The inside is covered in 100 percent highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar material. The large zipper door makes it easy to enter and exit the tent.

Cons: The aluminum frame isn’t as sturdy as some of the others on this list.

Why We Like It: Great price for the size and quality.


10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

The Finnhomy 36″x 36″x 72″ grow tent is made of a high-quality 600D material that is tear-proof and double-stitched. You can get it in larger or smaller sizes.

Price: $80.99

Pros: Extremely sturdy and durable for the price. There is high light reflective material lining the inside. The system has several spots to access the inside. Comes with a user manual and the assembly is easy enough to complete in minutes without tools. One of the few that zips and unzips with ease, which is vital. A bad zipper could mean having to replace the entire tent.

Cons: A small amount of light can leak outside of the tent. The floor liner is also lower quality, tearing with ease.

Why We Like It: It’s affordable and easy to assemble.

Quictent Eco-Friendly

10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

The Quictent SGS approved eco-friendly grow tent is 48″ x 24″ x 72″. It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb after setting it up in a room. Guests will hardly be able to tell what you’ve got going on in there.

Price: $99.99

Pros: Made with all non-toxic materials that will not release any gases that can damage your plants. No light leak with this tent. The extra thick double-stitched canvas is made of tear-resistant Oxford fabric. The poles are sturdier than most of the competitors.

Cons: The zipper gets caught sometimes, and the height of the box is about an inch shorter than advertised.

Why We Like It: One of the more discreet tents on the list that won’t break the bank.


10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

Oshion makes light-proof and non-toxic indoor grow tents in a wide variety of sizes intended to improve your harvest. All of their tents are shipped discreetly with a 12-month warranty and fast installation.

Price: $59.99

Pros: This tent blocks all light from escaping. Not to mention, it has 99 percent reflective mylar, which makes lighting more efficient. Keep the harmful stuff away from your plants and lungs.

Cons: The zipper is of poor-quality despite the “strong anti-burst zipper” that is advertised.

Why We Like It: Safe and simple to use.


10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

The iPower Hydroponic water-resistant grow tent comes in a short and tall size– but the one we’re featuring is 96″x48″x78″.  The good thing, though, is that these water-resistant tents come with a removable floor tray for indoor seedling plant growth.

Price: $146.24

Pros: One of the most highly rated grow tents on the market. The frame is one of the sturdiest, and the assembly is simple no matter where you want to set it up. Super reflective mylar returns 92 to 97 percent of your grow light bulbs’ light back to the plants, saving you money.

Cons: Takes up more space and costs more than many of the other items on our list.

Why We Like It: Easy to assemble and use.


10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

If you’re looking to give growing a shot and don’t want to invest too much money or space, we recommend the 24″ x 24″ x 48″ mylar hydroponic grow tent by Valuebox with a viewing window.

Price: $72.99

Pros: Designed to prevent any intense sunlight from entering the tent. Reflective mylar provides plants with nearly twice the light without having to pay the electric bill twice. This grow tent has well over a hundred positive verified customer reviews.

Cons: Parts of it aren’t as sturdy as the other tents on our list, but the quality considering the price is worth it.

Why We Like It: It’s the most affordable tents on our list that will still get the job done with no hassle.

Apollo Horticulture

10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

Apollo is making some of the best grow tents with phenomenal customer service to match. This tent has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Price: $104.99

Pros: This tent is made of all durable, high-quality fabric. Best of all? It is one of the easiest tents to install. You should have it standing tall within 15 minutes. There are spots for vents and electrical components all over the tent.

Cons: Light finds it’s way out of the zippers but not much. The zipper can be tough to move at times as well.

Why We Like It: Worth every penny for the quality. If you want a quality tent without having to spend thrice the price, this will last you a long time.

Worm’s Way

10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

If you’re looking for the best grow tent, plus all the equipment that needs to go in it, the Worm’s Way 4 x 4 Grow Tent was made with you in mind.

Price: $999.99

Pros: One of the only grow tents that comes with everything you need to get started. There is a sealed HPS HID, digital ballast, filter, fanlights and more.

Cons: It’s expensive and shipping lacks discretion. It’s a small tent but because of all the equipment it comes with, you’ll find multiple boxes waiting at your door.

Why We Like It: It makes everything easy for someone who doesn’t want to shop for each individual part of their indoor grow set-up.

Gorilla Grow Tent

10 Best Grow Tents Of 2017

Gorilla Grow Tent makes some of the best grow tents in the game. If you’re ready to take things more seriously, they have grow tents that will probably only fit in your basement.

Price: 636.29

Pros: Bug resistant micro mesh pre-filters are included. There are viewing windows, tightly reinforced seals, strong zippers and durable fabric. They must have anticipated this would be used in basements because there is a heavy duty flood protection pool. Instructions on how to set it up are clear. There is a free 12″ height extension kit for any extra tall girls you might be growing.

Cons: Takes up a huge amount of space. You won’t have a place to put this in a rented apartment. Not for beginners. It’s for growers who already know what they’re doing and want to increase their harvest size.

Why We Like It: So much room for activities.

What company has the absolute best grow tent will vary depending on your taste, style, and amount of space you have.

If you’re ready for a large harvest, we’d recommend going with something like the Gorilla Grow. For smaller grows, you can save money with a Valuebox.

And for anyone who doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to set up an indoor grow room, try looking into the all-in-one Worm’s Way.

If you’re not a fan of grow tents, there are grow boxes, too, that can do more. It’s important to note, however, that grow boxes are much more expensive than grow tents.

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