CBD Oil vs Gummies: Which Should You Be Using?

There’s a lot of nuance to the controversy over whether you should CBD oil vs gummies. If someone is new to taking this natural medicine, they can get confused over what is right for them. And even though both oil and gummies have CBD in them, they can have many differences.

However, the benefits of taking CBD stay the same. It has been shown to help treat anxiety, depression, and a variety of other mood disorders. Most people also report feeling less pain and less inflammation after taking CBD, no matter the method.

While CBD doesn’t cure ailments, it can help treat them. It can enhance the effects of traditional medication while also allowing people to experience faster healing effects. It’s not a drug in itself, in either the recreational and pharmaceutical definitions; but it can still help treat illnesses.

It can also be taken in a variety of ways. No matter how you take it, you’re bound to feel some of its many beneficial effects. Keep reading below to learn whether oil or gummies are right for you.


CBD Oil vs Gummies_ Which Should You Choose_

CBD Oil is Made From The Whole Plant

CBD is made from the hemp plant. While it is commonly associated with marijuana, hemp doesn’t have the psychoactive chemical found in weed. Hemp lacks THC, which gives people the trademark high associated with smoking weed.

In fact, the plant CBD comes from is one of many kinds of similar plants, all containing cannabinoid chemicals. THC is just one of these kinds of chemicals, while CBD is another. It’s important to note that CBD has more health benefits, and doesn’t get people high.

However, to get CBD oil, people usually have to use the whole plant. Gummies usually extract CBD and use it as an ingredient, so it’s purer. Meanwhile, CBD oil can include other chemicals found in hemp and similar plants.

This means that if you’re looking for a natural remedy to something, you may want to consider CBD oil. It goes through less processing, which means it’s a more natural product. However, it still has the same effect as gummies.


CBD Gummies are Usually Made From Extract

CBD Gummies are Usually Made From Extract

When people make gummies, they usually extract CBD from the plant, or from oil. Sometimes people just use CBD as an ingredient when making gummies. It’s more common to find gummies made from purer CBD extracts, though.

This means that while CBD oil may be considered a more natural solution, yet have more chemicals in it, gummies are usually purer. Professionals in the CBD industry have perfected extraction methods to ensure that they only extract CBD for their gummies. Other chemicals and natural byproducts are filtered out.

Since its purer, gummies may be stronger than CBD oil. They are also safer if you’re worried about ingesting a byproduct chemical. However, that also means they go through more processing, making them seem less natural.


CBD Gummies Take Longer But Have a Stronger Effect

Since gummies are ingested, they also take longer to have an effect. This is because while CBD oil may be smoked or taken on the tongue, gummies need to be digested. It takes time to break down the sugary parts of gummies before your body can get to the CBD.

Also, since gummies need to digest, they take longer to hit the bloodstream. Smoking CBD oil, or even taking droplets, both make it hit the bloodstream faster. If it’s smoked, then it enters the bloodstream through the lungs, and oil takes less time to digest.

However, there is also less CBD lost by ingesting gummies than by taking it through other methods. That means when finally does enter the bloodstream, it usually has a stronger effect. While users may have to wait longer for CBD to take an effect – it always ends up being worth it!


CBD Gummies are Eaten

CBD Gummies are Eaten, Oil Can Be Used in Many Ways

Eating gummies aren’t always everyone’s preferred way to take CBD. Sometimes, they may be on a restrictive diet or they may have diabetes, so the sugars can risk diabetic shock. In these cases, people may prefer to take CBD oil because it can be used in a variety of ways.

CBD oil can be taken by placing a few drops on a person’s tongue. While this method technically qualifies it as an ingestible, CBD droplets don’t include the sugary additives of gummies. You’ll be able to taste the difference!

CBD oil can also be made into wax to be smoked, which gives an instant effect. However, people who smoke CBD will feel a noticeably weaker effect, initially. Smoking it literally sets the chemical on fire, and most of it is lost to the air. Not all of it makes it to a person’s body.

Finally, another advantage of using oil is the fact that you can control the dosage. Manufacturers determine how much CBD goes into a single gummy, and you can only take it in that denomination. However, oil gives you complete control over how much you take.

If you feel like you need more CBD, you can simply take more droplets or smoke a little more than usual. You’re not locked into a predetermined amount of CBD. Instead, oil gives you the freedom to use however much you want.



Neither Will Get You HighNeither Will Get You High, They’re Not Marijuana

The most important thing to remember about CBD is that it isn’t marijuana. Even though CBD comes from a similar plant to marijuana, it will not ever get anyone high. It lacks the THC chemical found in weed that provides the recreational drug’s psychoactive effects.

In fact, CBD is regulated by the federal government as a legal substance. It doesn’t violate any laws. However, retailers can be in violation of FDA laws if they market it in certain ways.


To Decide Between CBD Oil vs Gummies

To Decide Between CBD Oil vs Gummies, Just Choose What Works For You

The best way to know whether you should choose CBD oil or gummies is by just figuring out how you want to take it. The CBD oil vs gummies debate revolves around the different things people value in their medicine. For people who value using CBD easily, they tend to lean towards oil; people who want it to be strong tend to use gummies.

Neither is a wrong way to take it, and all it comes down to is how you want to try CBD. And if you have any more questions about CBD, be sure to contact us. We’re experts in CBD, will be able to help guide you through the complex world of natural medicine.

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