Does CBD Come Up On A Drug Test?

Marijuana has long been a controversial topic. It still is, but there have been changes in recent years. Since the first countries started legalizing it for medicinal purposes, the world started paying attention. It’s not just a recreational tool anymore. People started viewing it as a possible cure for many diseases, even the most serious ones.

As the medicinal marijuana revolution accelerated, research also did. People have been keen to find out what derivatives are able to cure which disease. One of the most significant ones is, of course, CBD. This powerful cannabinoid can fight psychosis, inflammation, and insomnia. Many people use it for pain suppression.

However, there exists a problem. Many states have legalized medicinal marijuana, but companies still have the legal freedom to run drug tests. They can also fire people at will. This is an even bigger problem in countries where medicinal marijuana is still not legal. The big question is – does CBD come up on a drug test?

The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Let’s take a look at the science behind it and analyze the problem. Being able to work without fear is essential to many people. CBD is their only hope against pain and other health problems.

What do drug tests look for?

You’ve probably heard about people quitting weed for some time because of a mandatory drug test at work. This is a common occurrence, but putting weed and CBD oil from hemp in the same basket just doesn’t cut it.

First of all, let’s take a look at how people get tested at work. Employers usually work with the standard two-phase test. The first test is urinary and may sometimes yield false results. If they turn out positive, you will be subject to a second one. That one is more precise and you won’t have to worry about failing.

This brings us to the question – what do drug tests look for in our bodies? They don’t look for CBD, but another thing. The answer is THC. What is THC? Known officially as Tetrahydrocannabinol, this substance is an integral part of the marijuana plant. It gives you that famous high feeling and relaxes you. Other symptoms are an increased appetite and sleepiness.

Therefore, CBD does absolutely not appear on any test. It isn’t a substance that gets you high and there aren’t any tests for it.

No reason to be afraid

CBD oil can be extracted from the cannabis plant, but it’s almost always from the hemp plant. Unlike marijuana, hemp doesn’t have almost any THC at all. Aside from that, there aren’t any known drug tests that look for CBD in your urine or blood. CBD is not an illegal substance by itself and there is no point in looking for it.

This is good news for many people suffering from chronic pain. Losing your job would mean more trouble than you’re dealing with now. Even though medicinal marijuana products like CBD are legal, companies still have the right to do what they want.

According to the constitution, an employer still has the right to say what substances their employees can be on while under contract. Of course, we are waiting for that to change soon. Until then, it’s best to keep quiet about CBD and its relation to marijuana. You never know who might “snitch” on you.

Even though CBD does not make you fail a drug test, there are other things to worry about.

Connection with THC

Authorities often make the difference between “hemp” and “marijuana”. They do so by measuring the levels of THC in the plant. This isn’t biologically correct. Both marijuana and help are different sorts of the cannabis plant. Because of this, there is a basic guideline. Industrial hemp has about 0.3% THC in it.

The good news is that you get CBD from industrial hemp. It’s also used for making fabric and other beneficial things. This means that CBD products need to have 0.3% or less THC to be sold legally. Anything more than that and the government thinks that they are recreational products.

The truth is – yes, CBD oil does have a little bit of THC in it. In order to be extracted, it has to come from the plant that contains THC too. It’s unavoidable and impossible.

You don’t have to be afraid the consequences at your workplace. Taking CBD oil of your chronic pain doesn’t make you fail a drug test. However, there is one risky area that you have to pay special attention to.

Being careful

Because you get your CBD oil for free consumption, you may be inclined to take a little bit more. Keep in mind that this may be risky. If you take too much, you will still ingest that 0.3% of THC. The amount will be much bigger, even if you stay on the same percentage.

The more CBD oil you take at once, the higher the chances of you failing a drug test are. The only thing you have to worry about is not taking too much. We don’t know for sure how precise drug tests are. Of course, the chances are slim of you failing, but if you need/love your job – don’t be foolish.

The important thing is to watch the dose and don’t overdo it. If you need more for pain regulation, call your doctor. He can give you additional medicine if you don’t want to risk getting fired. Think about it and consult with your expert.

To conclude

Always know how much THC there is in your CBD. Legally, you can’t purchase CBD oil with more than 0.3% THC. Drug tests look only for THC, which is found in the marijuana plant that is smoked. Thankfully for you, you don’t deal with that.

Just be careful not to overdo your CBD oil and be quiet about it around your coworkers. It’s always best to play it safe and keep your therapy to yourself. Stay safe!


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One thought on “Does CBD Come Up On A Drug Test?

  • December 16, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Hi I came across your article and found it to be an interesting read! I don’t take medical marijuana myself but, I have always wondered how it truly works. I knew that medical marijuana was legalized in some states or countries whatever the case may be but, what I did not know was that the employees that had the right to take the medical marijuana still could get fired or drug tested. Of course, that could be worrisome. And well, that just makes no sense to me but, like you stated in your article the jobs have the right to do what they please. I am glad that I found this article. I am also glad that you have provided a way to avoid all extra stress that is not needed.


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