Breaking up dry herbs is just part of the vaping process. If you consider yourself a vaping expert, there is a good chance you have a preferred technique to do so. Over the years the technology from two, to three, and now four chamber grinders have taken the market by storm. How to grind your dry herbs is a personal experience, we want to ensure that you get the best grinder suited for you. Grinding increases the surface area of your dry herbs helping you get a more consistent vape draw each time. Not grinding your dry herbs can lead to some problems, like clogging. The benefit of you product being ground up is because the air can easily pass through.

While grinding up your product allows it to be evenly vapes, and most vaporizers even instruct that you do it to get the best performance result.

All About Dry Herb Grinders

If you were to use your fingers it can lead to loss of materials found within your dry herb. It will also tarnish the dry herbs that you’ve touching with the oil on your hands, this can result in you not experiencing the best vape possible. In order to avoid this situation a grinder is the solution.

The dry herbs and materials within them will be undamaged if a grinder is used.


Different Types of Dry Herb Grinders

The traditional Two Part Dry Herb Grinder, it is certain to get the job done and it keeps all your materials and their active properties together.

The Three Part Grinder- For some who likes to mix it up a bit a three or even Four Part Grinder usually has an extra storage compartment and a sieve that can separate some dry herbs from active ingredients that lie on the surface or within the herb.

This will allow you to revisit your collection part to get an extra potent vape.

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