How To Cook with Marijuana


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In this 14-lesson course you will learn how to decarboxylate and cook with medical marijuana. You’ll also receive valuable e-books including The Marijuana Cookbook – CTU’s signature Marijuana Recipes. Come inside our kitchen at CTU and see first-hand how to successfully become the next cannabis gourmet. Our cooking instructors are some of the most successful cannabis chefs in the industry.

cupcake-insetWatch as they share cooking tips and secrets that cannot be found at any other school. Make yourself the envy of all your friends with your delicious, easy, safe, and potent cannabis recipes. CTU will also take you into the world of medical marijuana concentrates.

Our instructors show you to make a variety of different concentrates. Learn how to make your own medical hashish with step-by-step instruction with some of today’s most technologically advanced hash-making systems.

Learn how to use your entire marijuana plant without waste.

As a bonus, this course also teaches you about medical marijuana salves, topicals, ointments and other transdermal uses. Hear from one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers of medical marijuana topicals products.

Never before seen information on how to break into the medical marijuana industry and what products are awaiting for new entrepreneurs like yourself!

Find out how you can start your own cannabis business making products with medical marijuana.


E-books you will receive with this course include:

  • The Marijuana Cookbook – CTU’s Pot Recipes
  • Decarboxylation and Cannabis Cooking
  • Advanced Cannabis Extraction Methods

Topics Include:

    • Making Cannabis Butter (Easy, Safe, Potent)
    • Making Cannabis Oils (Olive, Coconut)
    • Making Cannabis Dressings & Sauces
    • Cannabis Cooking for Diabetics
    • Vegan Cannabis Cooking Methods
    • Non-Baked Cannabis Treats
    • How to make Cannabis Tinctures
    • Hash Making Methods
    • Latest Hash Making equipment
    • Making Kief
    • Cannabis Transdermals
    • Salves, Liniments, Ointments, Lotions
    • How to become a Cannabis Industry Entrepreneur
    • Non-Psycho-Active Cannabis Product Development
    • How to Make Topical Cannabis Products *New


Beyond Buds – Marijuana Extracts – Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles & Medicines

Beyond Buds is a handbook to the future of marijuana. Prohibition’s end has led to a technological revolution that’s generated powerful medicines and products containing almost zero carcinogens and little smoke.

Marijuana icon Ed Rosenthal and leading cannabis reporter David Downs guide readers through the best new consumer products, and demonstrate how to make and use the safest, cleanest extracts.

Beyond Buds details how award-winning artisans make hash and concentrates, and includes modern techniques utilizing dry ice and CO2. The book is a primer on making kief, water hash, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and other extracts from cannabis leaves, trim, and bud bits, and it goes on to explore and simplify the more exotic and trendy marijuana-infused products, such as butane hash oil (BHO), shatter, wax, and budder.

More complex than lighting a joint, these innovative products call for new accessories — special pipes, dabbing tools, and vaporizers — all of which are reviewed and pictured in the book. Beyond Buds expands on Rosenthal’s previous book Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold: Trash to Stash.

Completely updated with full-color photographs that are both “how-to” guides and eye candy, this book enables not only the health-conscious toker but also the bottom line–driven cultivator.

In this ebook you will learn:

Breaking Bud-Selecting and Collecting Material
-Selecting and Collecting Material
-Storing the Green
-Tips and Tricks-The Alchemy of Marijuana Processing

Kief/Dry Sift-Manual, Machine, Dry Ice
-How Kief Screening Works
-Preparing for Screening
-Manual Screening for Hash Making
-Dry Ice Kief
-A Pressing Issue: Kief and Hash

Water Hash-How It All Works
-Water Hash Basics
-Ready-Made Hash Bags
-Homemade Hash Bags
-The Methods: Bucket, Coffee Filter, Jar Shaker
-Pressing and Storage Hash

Advanced Hash-Beyond the Basics
-What is Hashish?
-The Machine Method for Hash Making
-Preparing Kief for Water Hash for Hash Making
-Collecting by Hand: Rubbing For Hash
-Pressing and Storing Hashish
-Cannabis Decarboxylation Explained

Vaporizers-Handheld, Desktop, Portable, Vape Pens
-How Vaporizers Work
-Preparing Herb for Vaporizing
-The Vaporizers

Dabbing-The Gear

Butane Extracts-Making BHO Budder, Shatter, Wax
-How Blasting Works
-Dangers and Environmental Ethics
-Butane Extracts: Closed Loop and Open-Ended Methods

CO2 Extracts-Making Concentrates
-A CO2 Extraction Method

Tinctures-Alcohol and Glycerin
-Choosing the Alcohol for Cannabis Tincture
-Straining Tinctures
-Ask Ed’s Fast Track Tincture
-Bottling and Storage Tinctures
-Reducing Cannabis Tinctures to Oil
-Distilling Cannabis
-Glycerin Tinctures
-The Effects and Effectiveness of Cannabis Tincture
-Kief Tincture

Capsules-Making and Using Canna Caps
-How To Make Canna Caps (Cannabis Capsules)
-Using Kief
-Dosage for Cannabis Capsules

Edibles-Preparation, Recipes, Usage
-Assimilation and Dosage
-Using Hash, Kief, or Hash Oil in Food
-Cannabis Juicing
-Canna Oil Preparation and Recipes
-Cannabutter, Cannabis Milk, Cannabis Tea, and Cannabis Flour
-Adding Directly to Food
-Edible Cannabis Storage

Topical Uses of Marijuana
-Marijuana Root Applications
-Cannabis Salves and Cannabis Oils
-Topical Cannabis Tinctures
-Rick Simpson Oil


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3 thoughts on “How To Cook with Marijuana

  • February 25, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    Interesting read. I didn’t know you could do so much with marijuana. I have a friend who smokes it to help with pain relief but these marijuana recipes look much better.
    I’ll point him in the right direction.

  • February 25, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Very interesting post. It gave me more than I ever wanted to know about cooking or even using marijuana legally. You’ve done your research well. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of followers.

  • February 24, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    Been smoking marijuana for years now for anxiety, this e-book looks like exactly what I was looking for.
    Thank you!


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