Identity Verification in the Canadian Medical Cannabis Market

Thought I would share this News article I came across regarding Namaste Technologies.

Namaste has developed an enterprise quality software application that incorporates instant age and identity verification and facial recognition that is applicable not only for the medical cannabis market but also as a solution for age verification in online recreational cannabis sales.

In addition to the implementation for Namaste MD, Namaste believes that it can gain greater exposure to the estimated $8.7 billion recreational cannabis marketplace by providing the best solution for provincial governments in offering reliable and automated age verification for provincially mandated online recreational cannabis portals.

Namaste MD is Canada’s first Telehealth program focused on connecting medical cannabis patients with doctors to facilitate a smooth and secure process for consultations, verification and issuance of medical prescriptions. The Namaste MD portal will provide access for many doctors to participate in consultations across all provinces in Canada.




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