Medical Marijuana Patients Paying for Quality

Laboratory Certified or Black Market

I came across this interesting article regarding whether should you should be buying your medical marijuana from a certified grower or if buying it from a dispensary or street level will be just as effective.

Do You Really Know What Your Getting?

Medical Marijuana Lab
Medical Marijuana Lab

That all depends on your perspective. I know when I receive a prescription from my doctor, I don’t look for alternative sources in order to fill my prescription.

Sure, depending on what the prescription is for-say pain killers like oxycontin or fentanyl, or medication for depression, anxiety and the like-these can be acquired on the black market or street level.

But do you really know what you are getting? They could be cut with anything like detergents or other dangerous fillers. You have know idea where they were manufactured.

Would you take these pills if you knew they produced in a shed on some abandoned property, out of the way where no one will see.

Well the same goes for marijuana.


The Rise of Dispensaries

With the surge of marijuana being more accessible thru the mass opening of independent dispensaries across the country, this also contributes to mass production with little regard to guidelines set out by Health Canada as to conditions, cleanliness and quality.

Dispensaries for now act like a street level dealer with a storefront. Since for the moment marijuana is not legal in Canada, so essentially these dispensaries are breaking the law by selling their product.

However, here in Canada authority seems to be turning a blind eye to these store fronts and letting them continue to do business with limited interference.

Don’t get me wrong-I think the idea of dispensaries is a great idea and they will continue to grow and prosper.  But if you have had the chance, or the need to visit a dispensary, the employees are not very knowledgeable on the marijuana and the best strain that will work for you.

This is where the dispensary lacks. For recreational use. I say buy and smoke your heart out. But for medical marijuana, I recommend you bypass the dispensary and order from a licensed quality producer.

Buying From Certified Labs

Preparing buds for sale

Marijuana production for medical purposes has arrived and is here to stay. Companies have spent millions of dollars to setup state of the art growing facilities, carefully monitored from first planting to harvest.

They have teams of qualified scientists, engineers and certified growers that are educated in the production of medical marijuana, with attention made to what the individual strains are developed to specifically treat medical conditions.

The vast amount of research done to produce this marijuana is no different than any pharmacutical lab doing the same with pill form medication.

As well, these labs are clean, controlled from disease,  parasites, mold, or fungicides and handled just like any consumable for production.

You Have To Make The Choice

I rather like the idea that if I choose to use medical marijuana, that it comes from a trusted and certified source, rather than the “you get what you get” philosophy.


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4 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Patients Paying for Quality

  • August 26, 2017 at 5:41 am

    Canada is certainly a lot more forward in its thinking on medical marijuana than here in the U.K. Your article is really interesting and I hope Canada and the U.K. Both quickly get their act together on labs so everyone can be safe and well.

  • August 26, 2017 at 5:27 am

    The idea of having controlled CBD and THC levels via labs is benefit of buying from a dispensary.
    If I had a choice, this is where I would go.

    In Australia, it is no legalised and many who should get the medical benefits from a naturally grown plant cannot. Hopefully we will move in the same direction.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

    • August 26, 2017 at 2:07 pm

      Hey Vince
      I have recently seen a few articles regarding the legalization of medical marijuana in Australia.
      Since Australia have such severe laws concerning marijuana or any illegal drugs that I am sure that it will take a lot to finally legalize.
      In Canada, legalization for recreational marijuana is set for July 2018, but medical marijuana is quite common with a lot of people carrying prescriptions. Hence why I talked about the difference from just stopping by a dispensary or ordering from a approved lab.

      Here is an article I came across:

      It’s an interesting read and kinda makes you wanna jump on the bandwagon!

      I will be visiting your country come October thru to November sometime, and am really looking forward to it. Will be in Brisbane and staying with friends in Malooloobad(sp).

      Thanks for the comments, and hope to hear more from you in the future.



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