Vape Cartridge – Mango


Just CBD Mango vape cartridge’s containing 200mg of CBD organically flavored with terpenes.

Our flavors include strawberry, blueberry, mango, and honey. Each flavor will bring you back to your favorite memory. Everything will be just fine after a couple hits of the CBD oil. Get back to feeling how you should be!


Temptingly tropical and oh-so-refreshing, this vape oil placates the senses with a celebration of citrus and the succulence of fresh mango fruit.

Crossed with KC 33 back in 1991, the current Mango strain is sweeter and juicier, making for an indulgent puffing experience.

This selection has been shown to prompt hunger, happiness and deep sleep. Extremely powerful, the vaping oil is widely used to combat depression, stress, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Get ready to take the senses on a trip to the tropics.

Just one puff transports the mind to an oasis escape far, far away.

Flavor Mango


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